handymanEvery home owner knows the essence of maintaining their houses and appliances. However, very few have the time to take proper care of their property due to time constraints, busy work, and study schedules as well as tiredness and exhaustion. Some may want to fix things around the house but lack the expertise of doing this. If you are a homeowner whose home requires installation and repairs, then Mike’s Handyman Services is the solution for you.

We have been taking care of different home repairs and installations for many years. While most of our clients are based in Stafford VA, we normally offer diverse handyman services in neighboring areas as well. Our professional technicians are well known for their expertise and work ethic that has endeared many of our clients to them.

In brief, we deal with many other residential services including;

– Attic
– Bathrooms
– Deck and Patio
– Living and Dining Rooms
– Basements and Garages
– Floors and Walls
– Ceilings

In terms of service, we deal with all kinds of handyman services such as;

– Assembly
– Electrical systems
– Maintenance
– Plumbing
– Carpentry
– Installations
– Painting and Remodeling
– Safety and Mobility in places of work

Offers at Mike’s Handyman Services

Although we provide a wide array of household repairs and installation services, we get many calls to handle the following areas:

1. Bath services.leaky faucet

Many homeowners do not just view their bathrooms as grooming areas, but also as relaxation spots. Nothing beats the relief and relaxation that comes with soaking in a warm bathtub especially if you have had a rough day. This is exactly what our bath services aim to offer you. We not only install new shower heads and bathtubs but also paint old bathrooms and add updates to give them fresh new looks.

2. Kitchen service.

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home because this is where the meals are prepared and families gather around to eat and talk. Our kitchen services aim to provide our clients with spacious and airy kitchens that are safe and appealing. We offer kitchen appliance installation, and you can let our technicians install all your new appliances without any struggles. We also install new tiles and cabinets in the kitchen. Apart from that, we can also do kitchen plumbing services for clients whose sinks and drains are clogged or leaking.

fixing door3. Door & Window services.

Doors and windows are necessary because they offer security to our homes and enhance privacy for every homeowner. Besides that, doors and windows have nowadays become a source of aesthetics to many homes given the variety of designs on the market. Our job is not limited to guiding you concerning the best doors and windows to choose for your home, but to also install these in a secure manner. Also, we also replace broken doors and windows. If you are having security issues, you can also contact us to change your locks and adjust your windows and doors for you.

4. Exterior services.

At Mike’s Handyman Services, we know the importance attached to a beautiful outdoor space. This is why we are passionate about providing the best exterior services to our customers. We normally provide lawn care and maintenance services which include growing plants, liming and adding fertilizers as well as installing irrigation systems. Furthermore, we can also construct outdoor living space including custom patios, secure decks, outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens among other fancy accessories that enhance the outdoor living space.

5. All Odd Jobs.handyman graphic

These services do not exhaust the list of our jobs. At Mike’s Handyman Services, we carry out all sorts of odd jobs. So whether you want to have your interior redecorated, or the snow on your driveway shoveled after a blizzard, we have the best professionals who can handle all these, and many more things.

Why Choose Us

– One simple call provides easy scheduling, and we have a live call answering
– We have a whole home improvement team
– Real-time and on-time arrival
– We do job right the first time in a professional approach
– We perform clean up services once we are done
– We offer wide variety of repair, maintenance and improvement services
– Our technicians are highly experienced and are fully insured for your safety
– We guarantee quality workmanship

Our technicians at Mike’s Handyman are always a call away and are capable of handling any home installation, repair or maintenance job. Just contact us and let us do all the repairs and installation jobs while you concentrate on other important matters.